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Human Resource Management 
Information Analysis 
Decision Making

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The cost of the degree course is USD 3,870. We require an initial fee of USD 1,000. The balance can be paid at any time in the future. We do not give out signed transcripts or degree certificates until fees have been paid in full.

Students can claim up to three exemptions where they can show they have covered the material on earlier studies.

On completion of the course and payment in full we will arrange for you to be issued with a degree from a university on the UNESCO list of approved universities.

Features of the accredited degree courses:

You will receive a degree certificate and transcript from a university on the UNESCO list of approved universities

We choose only best-selling study texts from Amazon, the world largest book supplier. These will be couriered to you.

We will set you up your own version of the Grammarly Report which normally costs around USD 100 per year

Your accredited degree certificate and transcript will be couriered to you.

We accept instalment payments on all courses.