International University Business School

Study Methodology
Our degree courses comprise five subjects for first degrees and six subjects for master degrees. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have the usual educational requirements for a degree course. Applicants for master degree courses should normally be in possession of a first degree. Our courses are offered in English, French and German.

All degrees are studied by distance learning.

On all courses,exemptions are given on a one-for-basis on subjects previously passed in professional or academic examinations.

The cost of the distance learning first degrees is USD 3,870 and the masters degree is USD 4,960. The maximum number of exemptions is three.

We require a minimum initial payment of USD 1,000 on all courses.

We test all subjects by means of a 5,000-word thesis for first degrees and 10,000 words for master degrees.  Your thesis should demonstrate a good understanding of the subject matter and incorporate your own work experiences in the area of study and an indication of how you think the subject matter will aid your future work.

All work is put throuh the Grammarly Report. This is the world best and most user friendly.

We require a first draft by email in each subject, which we critically apprise and advise what changes we require you to make before submission of a revised thesis. We can send you a specimen of such a thesis if you think it will help.

Technical queries can be submitted by email. Other queries can also be handled by email. Normally we reply to all emails within 48 hours.

On average, it takes students three months to complete one subject. There are no time restraints but we request that students keep in touch particularly if they are having problems.

You may wish to complete the application form online and return to us by email attachment

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All degree courses are accredited.